Walking About While Sipping a Cup of Coffee

They say that experiences beat material things in making us happy. We get used to stuff (hedonic adaptation) and tend to compare with others (which leads to dissatisfaction).

Experiences, on the other hand, can be enjoyed three times – while anticipating, during the actual experience, and when reminiscing. And each one’s experience is unique, so there is no basis for comparison. That’s why I enjoy travelling.

Beyond cityscapes from hotel windows (my previous post), I do like to walk about and explore places, and take snapshots given the chance. The photos remind me of everything I enjoyed during that visit.

Here’s a few from my favorite places.

Osaka Castle, Japan:B3BCABC8-3FE6-4A4C-A9EE-45B6ADDA1C53

Quincy Market, Boston:66BECFDF-3D3F-4D78-ADAA-C5D81B90C36C

The Rocks, Sydney:sydeny_1384

Rockefeller Center, New York:NYC

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore:sands

Fushimi Inari, Kyoto:360FD928-88D5-4AE9-AF0B-D1B156E206B2

Though we are prevented from visiting other places for now, we can always dig  up our treasure of memories. Then we can experience them again — while sipping a cup of coffee.


  1. Great reminder. I will need to postpone an exciting vacation we had planned for months. I will be a big girl and accept it, and look forward to it again in the future. I have so many wonderful memories that I get to relive, and sometimes share, through my photos 🙂
    I like all of your photos, but I especially wonder what it would be like at the top of that hotel in Singapore!

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    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      These are the times that we really appreciate the good times, relive happy memories.
      I think I have some photos at the top floor of that hotel in Singapore. Will post it one of these days. Quite interesting since the roof is actually an infinity pool, so you’re swimming above the city and you can “fall off” the edge. 😊

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