Mental Vacation – Asian Cities From Hotel Windows

All travel has virtually come to a stop.

But it doesn’t mean the world outside has ceased to exist. It’s just that everyone is trying to do their part by staying put.

We are all in the inside looking out.

This reminds me of “normal” times (that seems so long ago). One of my habits during trips is to take snapshots from my hotel window. Nothing serious, mainly to document and as aide-memoire. Sometimes on business trips it is all I see of the city.

Only as time has passed, and now unable to take these simple snaps, that I’m giving them a second look.

Here are some Asian cityscapes.

Bangkok, Thailand:bangkok1

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:kuala_lumpur

Osaka, Japan:osaka


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:ho_chi_minh

Hong Kong:


Yes, we may be confined in our shelters in place, but we are looking at each other. And many are looking out for others.

We can remind ourselves that the world is still out there. Sometimes we need a mental break, a mental vacation.


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