• Thank you, Anne, for sharing your thoughts.
      I agree we will only know in hindsight.
      I do believe the world will not be the same again. They say that crises can bring out the best or the worst in us. I am hoping it brings out the best. What was impossible to imagine then is now becoming possible, such as people and companies coming together to fight a common enemy and working for the common good. What was acceptable then may no longer be, such as putting selfish interests above all else.

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      • I sure hope and pray the same. I’m going to go for the positive. I do believe our best will come out. Here in South Africa, those in a position to help are helping. Our billionaires have committed to helping those in need, donating up to a R1billion each.

        Also, we are making technology work. My son is taking calls and doing all his other call centre duties from his bedroom. Both hubby and I am working from home. We are all in telecomms/ICT. My little one is being homeschooled. We are cooking. If many are like us, we will all come out on the other side more able and skilled.

        We all do the best we can, and we wish us all the best as we tackle this challenging situation.

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