Waking Up to Taal Volcanic Ash in the City

Sunday afternoon local time, Taal Volcano, an active volcano about 31 miles from Manila, had a “phreatic eruption” and spewed a large volume of ashes into the sky. Eruptive activity continued and alert level 4 was raised (hazardous explosive eruption possible in hours or days).

The ashfall reached the city and many people woke up with ash on the streets.


Taal Volcano is a popular tourist spot, and I posted some photos of the volcano and talked about my trek to its crater here.

Hope it quiets down. It is best admired quiet, up close or from a distance.


    • Thank you for your concern. We’re still watching as activity is going on and the alert level 4 is still up. People in surrounding areas are being evacuated.I really hope it quiets down…

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