Bridging the Present to the Past

The Jones Bridge in the city of Manila, named after William A. Jones, the US legislator and principal author of the Jones Law that gave the Philippines legislative autonomy, was commissioned in 1916 and completed in 2019 with an ornate neo-classical design, typical of the American colonial architecture at the time.
manila_0775 Unfortunately it was damaged during World War II and, though repaired for practical use, fell into neglect over the years. Fortunately it was recently restored closer to its original design.
manila_0781With its restoration it has quickly become a popular place to visit, no doubt due to FB and IG.

manila_2693aOn one side of the bridge is the Manila Post Office building, built during the American colonial period.

On the other side of the bridge stands the world’s largest Chinatown arch. As with its original intent 100 years ago, the Jones Bridge connects the old city of Manila to Binondo where the merchants are.

The Jones Bridge, bridging the present to the past, more than 100 years after it was built.
(December 29, 2019)


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