Latin Guitar

Your hips sway
Like the languid beat of a Latin guitar.guitar_8136

I say your name and you look at me
I sink into the dark pools of your eyes
Drawn into a moonless sky
Chasing the light of a distant star.


You walk my way
And your face stops close to mine.

guitar_8138bI hear a whisper from your throat
A faint laughter drifting in the wind;
You put my hands around your waist
And I feel the curves of a Latin guitar.


You left that day
And I never saw your eyes again.

guitar_8173bI keep looking for the rhythm that we made
I trace the curves and pluck the strings
But all I hear are the slow laments
The sobbing whispers of a Latin guitar.guitar_8194

LAPC: Nostalgic


  1. I fell in love with this post! Your words together with your soft and cool images conveys harmonic music in my ears. Very well done!!!

    (Sorry for my English, sometimes I have difficulties to express myself.)

    Liked by 1 person

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