Island Life

1492CF75-FD0D-4BD9-AA88-72FAA70E5296 It’s the end of the day, but the working night is just beginning for these fishermen.

Whether in the city or a fishing village, there is no escaping the routine of earning a living.

Soon the nets will have to be hauled and the fishing boats pushed to the sea.

But there is a closeness to the rhythm of nature here. Today the weather is good. On other days the waves are too big and the clouds too thick or the rain too heavy. On those days, it is better to remain on shore. Such is the world, the fishermen have accepted that they cannot control it, they have to go with its flow.

It is a good day to watch the sunset, enjoy the gifts of the world and be thankful. And that is true in the city or on an island.


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