Cotton Candy Special

surigao_9873 The cotton candy machine was invented by a dentist. He called the confection “fairy floss.”

It was renamed “cotton candy” by another dentist.

Isn’t it ironic, since the sticky sweet may not be good for your teeth? But maybe the dentists had other ideas.

Well, there’s a place for cotton candy in everyone’s childhood.

If you’re no longer a child, at least your cardiologist won’t feel too bad. It’s got only about a hundred calories and contains no cholesterol, sodium, or fat.

Cotton candy, anyone?

LAPC: Waiting


    • That’s what it looks like, Patti. 😄
      Seems clever and sinister at the same time.
      Let me hasten to add not all dentists are like that, in case we have some readers who are dentists!
      And I like my dentist! 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, Patti!


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