A Quiet Walk Through Boston Downtown on a Sunday

Boston is always interesting, a modern city with a unique place in history. It’s got so much to offer any visitor, and a good place to start is Downtown. I find the best time is early Sunday morning, before most tourists come.
boston_1653 One can have a cup of coffee near the T station (save the shopping for later 🙂).

Then make a head start for the Freedom Trail or the many museums and parks.

Or choose to wander down the old buildings. Offices are closed, so there are no cars or people rushing by, a rare treat.

A little corner to wander into is Winthrop Square. One wonders why there’s a statue of the Scottish poet Robert Burns and his dog. It’s as if he’s also taking a morning stroll.

A quiet walk at Boston Downtown — a nice way to start a Sunday morning in the summer


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