The Roman Baths in Bath, England

Bath in Sommerset, England, is one my favorite cities to visit. It has many attractions, but nothing beats the Roman baths.


The water comes from nearby hills and goes to the limestone underground where geothermal energy brings the temperature to near boiling point. Around 1.17 million liters of hot water (46 degrees Celsius) bubble up into the baths daily.

bath_0142 The bath complex was expanded over 300 years during the Roman occupation. It has gone through several periods of restoration; the whole structure above the Great Bath are later additions and the statues are from the 19th century.

bath_0185 It was claimed to have curative properties in centuries past, but recent tests show that the water in these old baths is no longer fit for bathing. There are modern spas nearby where one can enjoy the same water source safely, but visiting the Roman baths gives a sense of how the locals may have enjoyed this spot during Roman times.

Still one place I don’t mind returning to.

Tip: if you want to visit the baths without the crowds, go early in the morning.


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