Getting Ready for the Spring Equinox


The March equinox — when day and night are of equal length — marks the end of winter and the start of spring in the northern hemisphere.

Many festivals celebrate or coincide with the equinox month. Local Druids gather to watch the sunrise at Stonehenge. It is the New Year in the Hindu and Persian calendars. In Japan, the equinox is a public holiday and ancestors are remembered in week-long services. The dates of Easter and Passover are influenced by the March equinox.

Regardless of the cultural context, I think there is something about the season turning that is good for the psyche. To those coming from a deep winter it is an excellent time to say goodbye to it. There is anticipation of summer. Vegetation is coming back. Soon tulips and bulbs. Color! The earth is waking up!

Birds chirp and start nesting. Rabbits and hares go on mating overdrive. Nature is reborn!

In tropical climates the days start earlier and end later. Somehow there’s a sense of buoyancy in the air. It’s getting hotter. The beach beckons!

Here’s to the start of sunnier days! Time to get ready!

(Early sunrise in the province of Laguna in the Philippines.)


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