The Trek to Ditumabo Falls

I’ve heard about a falls somewhere up in the mountain that was worth seeing, but one has to be prepared to go up a river, step on rocks and cross knee-deep water in places. So on a recent visit to Baler, I took the opportunity to trek to the falls since it was “in the neighborhood,” so to speak.

The trek lived up to being a mini-adventure.


It was also a true commune with nature.

Along the way were magical spots.


A “baby” falls.

ditumabo_5717 Finally, after half an hour (or longer if you take a leisurely pace), the Mother Falls.ditumabo_5737

The mist greets you. As if you’re not wet enough.

ditumabo_5789 So you go over to the other side for a wetter better view.


I’ve seen photos of the falls before the trek, but — like most adventures in life — there is no substitute to getting your feet wet and being there.

Definitely a worthwhile experience.

(Ditumabo Falls is in the town of San Luis in the province of Aurora. It is about 140 miles from Manila and a half-hour drive from Baler.)


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