A Contrast of Two Architectural Styles

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known for science and engineering, but its campus is also known for some interesting architecture.

The Great Dome, modeled after the Pantheon in Rome, is probably the most recognizable. William Bosworth, who was commissioned to design the MIT campus in 1913, was part of the Beaux-Arts architectural movement with its neoclassical emphasis on order, dignity, harmony and monumental grandeur.
mit_1111 Graduation ceremonies are held at the Killian Court in front of the Great Dome.
mit_7402 In contrast is the Ray and Maria Stata Center with its “unfinished” look. It is the work of Frank Gehry, whose works (including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Dancing House in Prague) are cited among the most important works of contemporary architecture.
mit_0983 Up close, the angles seem random and disorderly, “a metaphor for the freedom, daring, and creativity” of the research work housed inside.
mit_0976a The opposing styles of these two building may be a study in contrast, but it also speaks of the diversity within the campus.

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  1. The Great Dome is magnificent! I like the B&W version is the Ray and Maria Stata Center.
    Great photo selections for this theme. Thank you so much!

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