You Came Into My Life Like a Summer Day

AgainstTheLight20190216_072846 You walked towards me beaming with a smile. You were wearing white, and you brought the sunshine into the room.

I sat there, transfixed. I asked you for some of that sunshine.

You brought summer into my life.

The days were endless and the nights were warm, and you filled them all with laughter. The smile never left your face, even if I gave too many reasons to cast shadows on the sun.

It’s too long ago and too late now, and I don’t remember if it was the summer that left or if I walked away from it.

And now we meet again, and I hear the laughter that brings sunshine into the room, and see the kindness that never left your soul. My eyes find yours and silently say thank you, and you understand, and I see the smile from long ago, when you came into my life like a summer day.


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