A Good Walk Unspoiled

E043675D-FBBB-4011-AC12-69FCBCAEECED That “golf is a good walk spoiled” is a common expression (wrongly attributed to Mark Twain). Though it can sometimes be a frustrating game,  I really think that the change in scenery and the fresh air can not be spoiled, regardless of one’s score for the day.

I’ve learned to start the day by telling myself that my objective is to have a great time, laugh with friends, and enjoy the gift of being with nature. I discovered if I focused on this instead of the score, I am able to keep my cool, and sometimes actually score better.

I realized this is applicable to life too; if I remind myself that the outcome I want every time I am with family and friends is to make it a lovely and memorable one, I am more forgiving of others and myself, and there’s no need to sweat the small stuff.

Keeping one’s focus on the right outcome is not easy, whether on a “good walk” or in daily life. But we can always try to make our life a good walk, unspoiled.

Lens-artists: Landscapes


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