A Walk Through Rain in Winter

There’s something about the rain
in winter –
biting to the skin.
Rain denies guilt and points to the wind —
I give it a pass, after all
it is warmer than snow.
A4A851D0-4845-4D71-8488-AF8EE07D22E5 In warmer circumstances
rain would be less welcome
but winter has a way of making us long
for any hint of warmth
specially from behind a door.

28B048CB-1FB1-4F87-8E47-42CFD2ADE21F Like others
passing through this crossroad
I walk with steps hopeful
like the fountain that has no water
but isn’t dry.

29DD16F0-0FEC-4FF9-890F-7100EEE60259 I am prepared for colder
and a chance of warmth
is enough
for me to walk
through the rain.


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