Just Minding My Own Bees-Ness

This pollinator (a bee?) doesn’t seem to care. 6D_6324a It probably just wants to blend in with its surroundings but has to use warning stripes to ward off predators.
6D_6331a The trumpet-shaped white flowers, cestrum diurnum, look non-descript but stand out in any garden due to the sweet scent that they exude during the day.

6D_6270They are called “Dama de Dia” for this reason. Despite their simplicity, they attract insects and humans alike.

So who’s blending in and who’s standing out?

(Lens-artists and nature’s challenge: to blend in or to stand out?)


    • Thank you, Hien. I knew I could count on you to identity it.
      Maybe a more appropriate title would have been “Not Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest” — well, could be an idea for another post. 🙂


    • Now, this is getting more interesting. My fault for not getting a clearer shot. This thing likes to hover and dart about and hardly sits still.
      Apparently hoverflies are useful (in addition to being pollinators) because they feed on aphids and other garden pests, so it’s not too bad if it isn’t a bee or a hornet. 😊

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