It’s Rice-Planting Season by Lake Mainit

Lake Mainit sits on a narrow plain between mountain ranges and is surrounded by rice fields.


Preparing the land. Plowing is now semi-mechanized; the plow used to be pulled by a “carabao” (water buffalo).


Preparing the seedlings. The seeds are germinated in a nursery. The seedlings are then transplanted into the field. This is manual work.


A newly planted field. In four to five months the grains are produced, ripen and are harvested. But the farmers don’t lie idly waiting. Rice needs attention and a lot of care during this time. Some of them double as fishermen while the crop is growing.

On the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines.


  1. In Batangas, specifically in our barrio, a cow was the beast of burden. Our fields were not watery like the one in the picture and the grains were sown directly into harrowed fields. I wonder if that had been simpler.

    But the fields back home are long gone, sadly. Houses have filled what used to be farmlands.

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    • Thanks for sharing, Imelda. That direct sowing method you described is also used, particularly for drier fields. I think becoming more popular due to less labour needed.
      Yes, sadly, many farmlands in Batangas have been converted to residential areas. And now it’s not easy to entice young people to go into farming.


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