The Oculus in New York

The Oculus, located at the World Trade Center complex in New York, is part of the rebuilding and re-development of the site after 9/11.

It is a transportation hub, and has been dubbed the most expensive train station in the world.

Nevertheless, a lot of thought went into its architectural design. It really is quite interesting both inside and out, but more impressive from the inside.


It makes great use of natural lighting. The soaring “ribs” and play of light gives it an otherworldly feel. Seems much bigger than it really is.

To me, the futuristic design is a good complement, if counterpoint, to the Grand Central station.


Is it a bird, a plane, or a dinosaur? Santiago Calatrava, its Spanish designer, said it resembles a bird released from a child’s hand. Others see a kind of dinosaur. Whatever your interpretation, it successfully stands out surrounded by the glass buildings in the area.


The rebuilding continues on the World Trade Center site.


The Oculus will be part of this developing hub. Perhaps controversial, but to me a symbol of the spirit of the city that will always rise above challenges that come its way.


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