Thanks for Helping Make Memories

Someone once told me that at the end of it all, we will be left with nothing but memories.

That kept me thinking, and made me realize the importance of making each day memory-worthy and making lots of good memories.

It is not always easy to remember or keep them, yet somehow I found some help by capturing or creating them in photographs.

Like many, I always look forward to the Weekly Photo Challenge as it prompted me to make a new photo or to find new perspectives. Some of my favourite memories are captured in the weekly photos. There’s not enough space to put them all so I picked just a few, not necessarily the best ones but the ones I’d like to keep.


I like taking photos of the moon, and this is special because it happened to be a Blood Moon, a Super Moon, and a Blue Moon all at the same time. I was lucky to catch the light trails of a plane as it passed in front of this exposure.


I remember being mesmerized by this waterfall. It is actually a mathematical simulation of falling water particles on a screen at the Art and Science Museum in Singapore. Though very realistic, I found it literally and figuratively dry. It made me wonder if this is the kind of memories we will be making in the future.


This is a real memorable moment for me, the sun about to rise above the clouds as seen from Mt Fuji in Japan. I’m glad I made the effort to wake up at 3 am to catch it — it was a cathartic experience for me.

The great thing about travelling is that it makes us see the world with new eyes. It’s a great way to fill our lives with new memories.

But I also like exploring the “inner world,” as they say, to “see the world in a grain of sand.”


This is one such trip, capturing my neighbor’s house inside water droplets. It is a different world “in there.” Quite fun too.

But I always go back to scenes that remind me of childhood.


The innocence of children at play. How I wish I can always keep that — when the world is still open to any possibility, and life is a blank canvass and you can choose what memories to put on it.


And at the end of the day I’d like to come home and, like anyone else, find serenity.

I can only hope that, each day, I’ve made some memories, and that they are worth keeping, for me and the people I love and meet.

Thank you, WPC, for the memories.

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  1. I haven’t yet decided which photos to showcase this week. I’m sad that the Photo Challenge is finishing. It’s through this that I met blogs like yours. It’s helped build a real sense of community and interest 😦

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  2. Beautiful photographs. Photos such as these make memories not only for you but for the reader that enjoy your blog. Thank you for the memories.😉👍

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  3. I so enjoy your images and look forward to seeing what you post. I hope you will continue to share your new memories with us. I too am sad to see the Weekly Photo Challenge end, as it has been a wonderful way to discover other bloggers. We will
    need to keep the feeling of community going on our own.

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