Letter from a Friend


Hello, it’s been a long time since I heard your laughter, felt your hug, slept in the afternoon cuddled in your arms. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen you around lately.

I once heard your Mom say that you’re far away, something about a college somewhere. I wonder, you used to have me by your side while reading your school books. I hope your books are not that difficult to read these days.

It’s been quiet around here. Sometimes I hear the door open and thought it was you. Oftentimes the room stays dark the whole day.

But it does get exciting when your Mom and Dad are on the phone with you – I could almost hear your voice, your chuckle, it brings sunshine around here.

I surely remember the times when you laughed so hard while watching those TV reruns. Or that time when someone must have been nasty to you, and you cried so hard that my forehead got soggy with your tears. I hummed a lullaby in my head and that must have helped because the sobbing stopped and you fell asleep with your face close to mine. The next morning you smiled and said “thank you, my friend.”

Well I’ll just be around if you need another ear, or if you simply want to go back to when you could laugh so easily at every little thing, break into song at odd moments, and throw lots of hugs and cuddles around.

Those are the moments full of sunshine.

Yours always,
Your Friend



    • Hi, Imelda, thank you for the encouragement!
      Specially coming from a superb writer like you…
      It’s not always easy to stitch words together… reading these comments makes it worth trying. 🙂


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