There’s Blood on the Moon

Yesterday was the warm-up. Tonight was the real show.
Here’s a sequence of the moon during the full lunar eclipse.


The earth’s shadow beginning to cover the full moon.


As the eclipse progressed, the moon turned red. I’m not sure why — I can only surmise it has something to do with the light spectrum.

An airplane passed right in front of the Blood Moon! This was a 2.5-second exposure so the plane wasn’t “frozen” in the frame, but it left the wing and tail light trails.


A lucky shot. It seems to remind me that the moon is a celestial body.

The eclipse lasted for about an hour, the moon totally covered.

Initially it was kind of cool, a rare phenomenon. Then one gets used to the darkness, as if it’s normal for the moon to be in the dark.


Then a sliver of light, and slowly the darkness is driven away. It seemed to lift a psychological weight. The moon shining through, like a beacon of light for the world.

Maybe that’s why the moon is a favorite of lovers and poets alike. Something for psychologists to study.


As the moon got awash with the bright light, it lost its red tinge. It went back to becoming just another full moon.

Not really. It’s a Supermoon and a Blue Moon after all.

Still kind of cool.

Variations on a Theme


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