The 200-Year-Old Cemetery Turned Paco Park

The Paco Park in Manila was originally built as a cemetery, started in 1807 during Spanish colonial times.


The cemetery was designed as a circle, surrounded by thick adobe walls, the top of which have become pathways for promenades.


It features a chapel, itself round in design.


Today it is a public park and a popular venue for weddings.



  1. Your first photo is a real attention-grabber. The POV of the round fountain makes me want to take in the view of the entire grounds for context. Nice work.

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  2. Our national hero Jose RIZAL was dump in this cemetery right after he was executed at LUNETA . After three day the sister found out here on fresh grave without name and ask the grave digger to put initial RPJ . INSTEAD OF JOSE PROTACIO RIZAL . VERY HISTORICAL PLACE .

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