Keep Me Away From Wisdom


A child is attracted to the lights and fountain.

I wish I could keep a sense of wonder like this child’s.

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”

Was it Socrates or Aristotle who said it? I was led to this discussion on Reddit and found it quite ironic — as the experts weighed in, literally it started to feel heavy.

I would rather not be led to that kind of wisdom.

True wisdom leads back to wonder — maybe someone else said it, but it doesn’t matter who did.

To be able to marvel at a toothless smile from a baby, a ray of sunlight through a window, the smell of rain on the soil, the melody of chirping birds — that would be enough.



  1. Nice post & wonderful pic! It reminded me of the time I took my little grandson on a walk at an outdoor shopping mall. It’s a popular place for kids because of the bubbling fountains coming up from the ground. He ran through every one of them & I followed him through it! We both got very wet & it was worth it!

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