Remnant of York Castle from the Time of the Vikings

York Castle was built on the orders of William I to dominate the Viking city of York in Northern England in the year 1068.


Clifford’s Tower, the keep (strongest and most secure part) of the castle, survives to this day and is one of the most distinguishable landmarks of the city.

It has gone through a tumultuous history involving massacres, fires, explosions and wars.


It has been used as an office, an armory, a prison, and even a cattle shed over the centuries.

The tower has a commanding view of the city, perhaps only matched by the more famous York Minster in the distance.


Going down the spiral staircase, one is reminded of how lonely it must have been for the guardsmen as they kept watch over Clifford’s Tower.

โ€œHuman says time goes by –
Time says human goes by.โ€
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Not quite Evanescent


  1. Perhaps not so very evanescent: Good old Clifford’s Tower just keeps on standing! Nevertheless, each moment of its long life has been very different. I love the contrast between old and new in your view of the Minster.

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