The Story of a Fortress

He tried, he really did. He put his whole being into it, made her the center of his universe.

But the more he tried, the more it slipped away. The more he surrounded her with a fortress, the more determined she seemed to escape.

Until one day she left. And he was empty — for every moment of his waking hour, every thought and every part of his being as humanly possible he had given her.


Then he saw a castle and he saw it in his heart — was he protecting her, or was he protecting himself? Was he putting a fortress not around her but around his heart?

Slowly he knocked down the walls, bit by bit. He cried, he laughed, he got hurt, and didn’t mind.

He made a leap of faith, and things started coming, including the peace of mind he never found inside the fortress. The inner peace that only comes from freedom.

She did come back, as a butterfly. And he was happy for her, as only one who has found freedom can.



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