Getting Lost in Mong Kok

Every place has at least two faces. Even for a simple thing like shopping this dichotomy manifests itself.

To experience a place, they say one has to immerse in it, go where the locals go.


Mong Kok in Hong Kong is one such place.

It has a lively sense of chaos. One can get lost in the noise and smells, the crowds and the lights.


If adventurous enough one can even sample local street food.


Or one can go to Tsim Sha Tsui where the tourists go.


You won’t get lost in there, but where’s the fun in that?


  1. I agree with you. When you get older you discover that the best way to discover a place, a city or a country is just having a coffe or a beer and have a look to locals walking, arguing, shopping, smiling, eating,… That´s th esence of the palce.

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    • I like your perspective! It has happened that I’ve been in a place many times but didn’t really get to know it until I “got lost.” Not only do you discover the “real” place but you also get to know the people. Thanks for sharing!

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