Finding Color at the Local Market

Today I thank a few farmers…

(local fruits – rambutan, papaya, avocado, lanzones…)

Some fishermen…

(fresh fish and “curacha” dancing crabs…)

And most of all the smiles that added color to my day.

(puto bumbong, a delicacy made of purple sticky rice steamed inside bamboo tubes.)



11 thoughts on “Finding Color at the Local Market

    1. Yes, thanks for sharing.
      I can see you posted photos of your local farmers market.
      I think they capture what is called “local color” very well. Perfect for this week’s photo challenge!

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  1. A lovely example of how one person’s ‘local’ is another’s ‘exotic’. I don’t recognise half the foodstuffs on offer at this market but the sense of a friendly local market is very familiar.

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