Running The World From a Quiet Corner

Well, I was born in the sign of water
And it’s there that I feel my best
The albatross and the whales
They are my brothers

It’s kind of a special feeling
When you’re out on the sea alone
Staring at the full moon like a lover
– Little River Band, “Cool Change”


According to this article by Susan Cain, who wrote the bestseller “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”, introverts quietly run the world through their earth-shaking contributions. Names like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Steve Wozniak are mentioned, along with JK Rowling and Dr. Seuss.

Introverts by nature recharge by retreating into their quiet corners; it is simply where they get their energy.

Unfortunately this is often misunderstood as shyness or unfriendliness. Nothing could be farther from the truth. And introverts are not lonely. I wrote about the difference between solitude and loneliness in this post.

For introverts, quiet is where they feel at home.

(Photo taken in La Union on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. The water is not calm but it calms my soul.
Additional photos of La Union in this post.)

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  1. I realized very late in life that I am an introvert and that’s because I don’t fit the stereotypical definition. I tended not to agree with many of her descriptions although I did like her TED talk very much. I do recharge being alone, hence 3 divorces and now living alone for many years. 🙂 But not many people describe me as one because I appear very outgoing. I really love people so talk a lot and can be ‘sociable’, but get burned out easily and agree, can’t take a lot of fuss and noise. It’s one reason I really couldn’t stand my most recent job and was glad to have the chance to quit.

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    • Thank you for sharing. I’m glad that you found your way.
      People don’t really fit into neat boxes that’s why it’s easy to misunderstand and be misunderstood. I do like Susan Cain’s TED talk and I believe it’s ranked as one of the most influential.


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