Life is Like a River – Jump Into It!


That life is like a river is an oft-repeated metaphor. Indeed, like life, a river can be slow or fast in places, can be full of rocks and rapids but can also be surrounded by woods and tranquil scenery. We may not always know what lies ahead — an entry to the ocean or the edge of a waterfall.

True, but what I also realized is that each one’s life is different. Our rivers are not the same. Someone’s river may look like a quiet brook in a forest while yours seems nondescript in the middle of grassy banks — like that of the boys in the photo. But who is to judge which river is better? Is a lovely but lonely river better than a simple one with friends, laughter and fun?

Whatever the river ahead, there is only one way to enjoy it. Jump into it!

(Somewhere in the province of Bulacan in the Philippines)


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