Is Chivalry Dead?

Chivalry has been declared dead by both men and women, at least in the West. This article from the Huffington Post proclaims “Why As A Girl, I’m Glad Chivalry is Dead.” And someone agrees, “Why Chivalry is Dead, From a Man’s Perspective.”

But they don’t seem to be necessarily against men being caring and acting gracious. For her it’s the motivation that counts,  that “he’s doing it out of love, not necessity.” For him, it’s because he’s a “nice guy” who wants to spend time with her “somewhere other than the bedroom.” While she advocates women “take a bit of control” and initiative, he believes that “women will wise up and start asking for the things that they deserve.”

They may both be right, just talking about different sides of a coin. Part of the fun is finding the intersection.

In the meantime, chivalry seems to still be alive, at least on the island of Miyajima in Japan.image (Near the Great Torii Gate at low tide.)



  1. Is chivalry dead? I love a door being opened for me. I love being given ‘right of way’ when walking. There is something so sexy about a man who does such things. I love to look at ‘him’ and, through my eyes, let him know his chivalry is appreciated. Call me old fashioned; however, there are some things that, for me, shouldn’t change.

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  2. I’m in the west and believe chivalry should be alive! I hate bad manners and the lack of etiquette so often seen these days. Although, I must say… etiquette is a concept never really grasped by many, even when chivalry was still half alive! 😉

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    • So true!
      Etiquette is universal, and it’s really not that far from the Golden Rule. And I’m not sure if humanity is getting closer to it or not… 🙂


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