Music and Feelings are Analog


When needle touches groove it is happiness
In bubbles of liquid notes
Floating in the air

Songs of lost love and regret
The laughter and anger of youth
Pulling at your heart

The genius of a piano player’s touch
Both strong and gentle on the keyboard
A dance tune tickling your sole

Vibrations of brass from saxophones
Making the hairs on your skin quiver
From half a century ago

The singer whispering in your ear
Late at night
Her moist lips wetting your neck.

Pure Analog


    • Thank you! Yes, I do have CDs too, and they’re convenient (though Spotify is even more so), but I still enjoy the “old school” sound of vinyl when I have the chance. Apparently more and more people are too and there is a sort of “resurgence”.
      Thanks for sharing and dropping by!

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