Is Chivalry Dead?

Chivalry has been declared dead by both men and women, at least in the West. This article from the Huffington Post proclaims “Why As A Girl, I’m Glad Chivalry is Dead.” And someone agrees, “Why Chivalry is Dead, From a Man’s Perspective.”

But they don’t seem to be necessarily against men being caring and acting gracious. For her it’s the motivation that counts, ¬†that “he’s doing it out of love, not necessity.” For him, it’s because he’s a “nice guy” who wants to spend time with her “somewhere other than the bedroom.” While she advocates women “take a bit of control” and initiative, he believes that “women will wise up and start asking for the things that they deserve.”

They may both be right, just talking about different sides of a coin. Part of the fun is finding the intersection.

In the meantime, chivalry seems to still be alive, at least on the island of Miyajima in Japan.image (Near the Great Torii Gate at low tide.)



Lume of Two Seamasters


Watches used to have radioactive materials on their dials and hands to provide luminescence. Today most watches use some kind of non-radioactive pigment to make watches glow in the dark. Lume on watches used to be indispensable partners for telling the time in the dark. Today most people just look at their mobile phones!


Music and Feelings are Analog


When needle touches groove it is happiness
In bubbles of liquid notes
Floating in the air

Songs of lost love and regret
The laughter and anger of youth
Pulling at your heart

The genius of a piano player’s touch
Both strong and gentle on the keyboard
A dance tune tickling your sole

Vibrations of brass from saxophones
Making the hairs on your skin quiver
From half a century ago

The singer whispering in your ear
Late at night
Her moist lips wetting your neck.

Pure Analog

The Simplicity of Cogon Grass


A plant of simple needs, oftentimes considered a weed. Used as roof thatch of traditional homes in Southeast Asia.

Imperata cylindrica, “highly adaptive to harsher environments, establishing itself on soils low in fertility.”

As often misattributed to Charles Darwin, “it is not the strongest that survives… but the one most adaptable.”

Pure Simplicity

The Venetian in Macau – Pure Imagination

“Come with me and you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you’ll see
Into your imagination

We’ll begin with a spin
Traveling in the world
Of my creation
What we’ll see
Will defy explanation”

– Pure Imagination, from “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory”


The Venetian in Macau is rightly described by Google search as a “Vegas-style Venice-themed casino and resort.”


It’s got the works, from the opulent ceilings and halls, right down to the perpetually sunny “sky” and gondola rides.


Like Charlie given a “golden ticket” to the Chocolate Factory, visitors are given a sensory overload, and one can easily get sucked in. “No one ever gets out,” Charlie is warned.


One can get trapped in here too, specially in the casino downstairs. But, like Charlie who had a pure heart, one can pass the test. One can enjoy the painted “sky” and the gondolas while remembering that it is all make-believe. Pure imagination.