Gatherings Then and Now


When I saw this nativity scene, I wondered how this small gathering could become a much celebrated event without social media. No tweet to announce it, but angels sang “Hark!” No Instagram photo, but animals and shepherds came to witness. No likes on Facebook from all over the world, but there were gifts from wise men who followed a star from afar.

As the story goes, it wasn’t a good time either. They had to travel far, of all things, to be profiled in a census. It happened in a manger because there was no other place to go. And they were immediately on the run for fear of the massacre that followed. It’s a good story except there was no YouTube to make it go viral.

But two evangelists blogged about it.

And it did go viral. In a big way. Over the centuries.

Because it was the greatest story ever told.

Then and now, there is really no perfect time for a story. The only right time is “now.”

May your celebrations be filled with joys and victories, of great stories in this journey of ours called life.

(Gathering and Now)



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