Tricycles Meet a Pump Boat

Passengers gather their belongings to disembark from a pump boat, thankful for a safe journey from the nearby island. They then get on one of the tricycles, which have gathered at the port to meet them and bring them to the next leg of their journey.

(On the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.)


A “pump boat” is a motorized outrigger canoe. The old, small ones used to be powered by small water pump engines (hence the name), but the newer and bigger ones usually have gasoline or diesel automobile engines.

A “tricycle” is a motorcycle fitted with a locally assembled passenger sidecar.

Both the pump boat and the tricycle are common modes of transportation in the Philippines – pump boats for inter-island travel, and the tricycle in small towns and rural areas.

(More info on the pump boat and the tricycle.)



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