Terracota Warriors and Horses in Xian, China

“The eyes are the window to the soul.”


They were fashioned out of the ground, each one unique, a life-size replica of a person.

Their eyes show one purpose — the determination to fulfil their duty, an army ready to march into battle.

Do we see in their eyes a living soul?

Can they be like man, “formed of the dust of the ground,” come to life when the breath of life was “breathed into his nostrils”? (Genesis 2:7)

The emperor had a different idea. Their purpose is in the afterlife, not in this world. They are not dust meant to be breathed into life with a soul — they are dust meant to become souls.

These souls are probably busy defending the emperor in the afterlife right now. Let’s hope they remain there.


In the meantime, we can admire these exquisite sculptures, which were made more than 2,200 years ago.

(More info on the Terracota warriors and horses.)

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  1. I was mesmerized by the terra cotta figures when I visited China 10 years ago. I could spend days there just marveling at their differences and the craftsmanship that made these lifelike figures.


    • They are mesmerizing indeed, there’s always something unique with each one. Something to experience at least once. Thank you for dropping by and really appreciate the comment.


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