I Wanted To Be a Painter and Became a Photographer

When I was a child I wanted to be a painter.

But I could not draw straight lines.


Some of my friends could draw a hundred lines side by side, straight as rulers without using one. They could draw a portrait with a few pencil strokes, or slap a few brushstrokes and conjure a colorful sunset out of nowhere as if by magic. Most of all, they could draw a scene and make it look so real.

I was struck in awe, but I could not draw straight lines.

Many years later, I had my first camera, a point and shoot in the film days. When I saw the print of my first shots I thought, “Aha! I have a short cut! With one click, I could recreate the scene in front of me, capture the sunset and take portraits just like that. I don’t need to draw straight lines!”

But it was not as simple as I thought. The camera is not a brush and the print is not a canvass. I don’t have to learn how to draw straight lines, but I have to learn how to see.

I haven’t stopped learning.


    • Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. We do have to find our own way of expression. I like your poem, which I’m sure other photographers would appreciate.


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