I’m in an Autumn State of Mind

Dust flies off a box of memories
Like golden leaves waving
Settling on the ground.
I’m in an autumn state of mind.


Spring has left
Followed by summer


Is autumn here or coming or going?
Is there another turn?


The answer comes
As harsh as the light –
A bridge to cross.
I plead with a sigh


Let me take a rest stop
Dance with the colors
Laugh with the leaves.
I’m in an autumn state of mind.



Standing on Holy Ground at St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

I walked in here a visitor and walked out a believer.

I have seen hundreds of churches from the grand to the humble, been to historic places of pilgrimage, found solace in unpretentious chapels, stood in awe at masterpieces of architecture. But here I felt a rekindling of faith, like going back to my childhood, like a blind man regaining sight, reacquainting with light.

Could it be the totally unabashed expression of devotion and belief in a higher order? Did I see man’s aspiration towards holiness despite his imperfections, his desire to rise above his troubled existence?

They say a church is not a building, that it resides in the hearts of men. Men are imperfect; it will always be an imperfect church. Yet by offering the better part of himself — his aspirations, hopes, and faith — he gets a chance to transcend his humanity, and touch holy ground.